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Plenty of New Classes for the Late Summer in the NEFF Inspiration Kitchen at Airfield Estate

I'm delighted to back at the NEFF Inspiration Kitchen at Airfield with lots of new classes. We will be using freshly picked produce from the garden where possible. Here's a taste of what's coming up:

  • Parent & Child Cooking Workshops - this will take place monthly on a Saturday. Come to one or come to all. The first one is a Brunch Bonanza starting Saturday August 12 - there are still a few spaces left!

  • Date Night Cooking - bring your partner or best friend. The first event will be August 24 for the Mediterranean Edition.

  • 4-week Basics Workshop - unleash your culinary potential in the 4-week course. Learn the building blocks of cooking from scratch at home. Every Tuesday in September.

All these classes with this gorgeous view of the herb garden from the kitchen!

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