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Let me share my love of cooking

A Celtic Culinary Heritage:
Born and brought up in Wales, I have lived in Dublin with my family since 2017. I’m the daughter of a baker and the granddaughter of a butcher and my obsession with food was further fuelled by studying in France for a year where I discovered the wonderful world of fromage...

An International Flair:

Before coming to Dublin, I lived in New York City for 18 years and trained at the French Culinary Institute in SoHo (now the International Culinary Center - renowned as"the Best Culinary School in America”).  My love of food led me to write What’s for Dinner? , a regular culinary column on a local blog, and I was the co-founder of a successful cookery school—the Montclair Culinary Academy—where I developed and taught many cooking classes for both kids and adults. I set up a successful Summer cookery camp and devised everything from cooking-themed parties to in-home catering. 

A New Home In Ireland:

Since moving to Ireland, I have been been lucky to share my knowledge and my love of cooking by teaching classes at Donnybrook Fair.  Since the pandemic I have been really enjoying teaching online classes for Airfield Estate for both teens and adults.

And that's at the heart of Saspan / Sospan: as you may know, saspan is the Irish word for saucepan and sospan is its Celtic cousin.
Saspan / Sospan is culinary statement about where I am now and where I have been. 


Enough about what I've said about me - here's what other people are saying about me.  I was recently featured in this article in the Irish Times about how to get children cooking.

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