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Now offering online cooking classes from my kitchen to yours!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There's no doubt it has been a surreal few months. Like most people, for the first few weeks of lockdown, I was in full adrenaline fuelled mama-bear mode: I was baking constantly, simmering soups and stews, my kitchen was a hub of extra calories and really good smells - the poor dog was tormented by all the extra kitchen activity!

I have really missed teaching my cooking classes. Up to our lockdown I had been busy and I was looking forward to a full spring of corporate classes, my Transition Year group and then the buzz of Summer camp. I had started to think about new recipes and the future felt good. Once the reality of living under lockdown set in I felt deflated and discombobulated...I mean who didn't? It took me a while but I have finally embraced technology and decided to run some Teen Cooking Classes on Zoom until we can get back face-to-face.

I miss the immediate feedback and the buzz of a real live class. But is has been surprisingly satisfying to watch the students create some lovely dishes. It also gives their parents a break from the constant cycle of cook and clean up! I am grateful to everyone who has participated and love the photos of your family dinners that your offspring have cooked for you.

For the moment I will be offering Dinner Classes on Wednesdays and Baking Classes on Fridays, all at 2:30pm Dublin time. As well as teens will be offering some college survival cooking classes for the over 16s.

So if you want to equip your teens and young adults with some life skills and a great sense of achievement check here for upcoming classes. I cannot promise they will do the dishes though!

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